Peer’s Choice for Outstanding Project Award

Awarded for my project during Lehigh University’s N.S.F sponsored R.E.U. I was also featured in an article for Bloomsburg University.


Peer's Choice for Outstanding Project

C.R.A 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers Honorable Mention

I was nominated by Bloomsburg University to partake in the Computing Research Association’s 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers awards for non-PhD Computer Science programs, and was given an honorable mention. The 2017 awards were also sponsored by Microsoft Research.


CRA's Award

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Outstanding Performance Award

I was nominated by Cliff Joslyn, Chief Scientist for Knowledge Sciences at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, for my work on producing the prototype of the CHGL <~> HNX pipeline during ridiculously tight deadline of two weeks, while also doing my first year of graduate school. I believe I worked at least 80 hours those two weeks and worked sun-up sun-down, and so this is very well-deserved.


Outstanding Performance Award

University of Rochester - Departmental Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Given award for my role as graduate Teaching Assistant for Michael Scott’s “Parallel and Distributed Computing” and “Programming Language, Design, and Implementation” course. During the former, I invited Brad Chamberlain, Technical Lead of the Chapel programming language and Principle Engineer of Cray (now a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company), to introduce himself and the Chapel programming language to set the basis for a programming assignment that I designed and developed on implementing Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP) utilizing Delta Stepping (graph generator and base for assignment), where students implement them in both Chapel and MPI. In the latter class, I was responsible for overseeing undergraduate TA’s and primarily developed the autograders, including one testing time complexity of data structures.


Departmental Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award